Communication Training Series

The ASF Communication Training Series takes all of the hours of great communication workshops and breaks them down into small, digestible parts so that you and your individual with AS can reach her/his greatest communication success at any age. Using web-based teaching, the Series is designed to be sequential and can proceed through the training at your child’s pace of learning.

The Series is designed to be easy to implement for families and educators, and not overwhelm with too much information or “to do’s” all at once. Families or caregivers are provided:

  • Training tools about how to use picture symbols
  • Downloadable picture symbol display templates
  • Curriculum with step-by-step instructions to implement a communication program at home and school, in partnership with your child’s education team

Webinars provide these resources in bite-sized chunks to make it as easy as possible for families to start and stick with the training for the long-term. Accompanying each webinar are concise, one-page guides to help families and educators as they build on each lesson. Families are also encouraged to support each other and share tips via the private ASF Communication Training Series Facebook group.

Although there is no obligation for long-term commitment, it is highly recommended to complete the entire series to help your child achieve her/his highest communication potential.

Leading the Series is a team of seasoned communicated experts, including Erin Sheldon, M. Ed.; Maureen Nevers, MS, CCC-SLP, Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Augmentative Communication Specialist; and Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, CCC-SLP.

The ASF Communication Series is made available by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and a generous grant from The Foster Family Charitable Foundation, a family foundation established in central California.