29 Feb

Inaugural Wagstaff Fellowship

Schiller Family Foundation Fully Funds Inaugural Wagstaff Fellowship

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation receives generous $110,000 gift from the Schiller Family Foundation to fully fund the inaugural Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship. This unprecedented and extraordinary gift will honor the legacy of esteemed pediatrician, geneticist, and researcher, Dr. Wagstaff, by fostering a new generation of young scientists dedicated to the pursuit of Angelman-specific scientific discovery.

Schiller Family

“We saw this as a wonderful  opportunity to pay tribute to a man whose devotion and commitment to individuals with Angelman syndrome and their families is simply unparalleled. He touched the lives of so many that we felt inspired and compelled to honor him by investing in future Angelman syndrome scientists through the Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship,” commented Robert Schiller, President, Schiller Family Foundation. Both Robert and Deborah Schiller felt strongly that the fellowship offers a ground-breaking and new approach that will help the Angelman Syndrome Foundation attract the very best young researchers to the field of AS study. “As the parents of a ten-year old son with Angelman syndrome, we value the work being conducted by scientists and believe that by investing in them, we are investing in a future where a cure for Angelman syndrome will be discovered. The Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship offers the perfect vehicle for us to achieve this bold vision,” said Deborah Schiller, Vice President, Schiller Family Foundation.

“We could not be more thrilled to accept this remarkable gift that allows us to honor the past while investing in the future,” said Eileen Braun, Executive Director, Angelman Syndrome Foundation. “We are touched and flattered that the Schiller Family Foundation has entrusted Angelman Syndrome Foundation with the responsibility and obligation to use the gift in a manner that will carry forward the work and passion of Dr. Wagstaff  through the minds and talents of young scientists just starting their careers in Angelman syndrome research. This gift will not only help us fully fund the inaugural Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship, but will also help us attract additional  financial resources to sustain Dr. Wagstaff’s legacy over a much longer horizon,” Ms. Braun went on to state.

“Angelman syndrome research is advancing at an unprecedented pace, but for the eventual realization of Angelman therapeutics, it is essential to encourage new promising researchers with cutting-edge approaches to join the field. The Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship offers such hope, by providing funds for a postdoctoral fellow to enhance innovations and discoveries in Angelman syndrome,” commented Ben Philpot, Ph.D., Angelman Syndrome Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee Member.

The first call for research fellowship proposals was issued on December 6, 2010. The Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship will be awarded for a two-year period funded at $55,000 per year. Funding and support for the Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship is in addition to on-going research funding that has been approved for distribution by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Board of Directors for the 2011 fiscal year. The fellowship award will be based upon competitive proposal submissions and peer reviewed by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee.

About the Schiller Family Foundation, Inc. The Schiller Family Foundation, Inc, is a private foundation located in Jacksonville, Florida. Established in 2008 resulting from the sale of Armor Holdings, Inc., the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Gifts and grants are allocated to cause-related non-profit organizations that align with the interests and priorities of foundation officers.

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